one-on-one OET preparation

one-on-one OET preparation

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OET Course Description: This is an intensive course 10 hours for candidates who have no knowledge of OET and are not proficient in any discipline. The course aims to prepare and reinforce OET candidates, with the fundamental knowledge, building blocks and skills required to be successful. The training covers all 4 skills; Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking but in no any particular order. Instead focusing on the weaker skills first.

As this is one-to-one tuition each student is individually assessed on their strengths and weaknesses and a specific customised program designed accordingly.


All classes include:

  • Precise strategies relating to the task
  • Techniques regarding time management and prioritization
  • Tips to maximize your performance.
  • The sub-test criteria explained in detail


 INCLUDED in OET Preparation Center courses  Other OET centers
Personalised sessions Group sessions
Realtime one-2-one feedback None
Unlimited materials None
FREE pre course consultation None
Includes Pre and Post Test Consultation None
Exam booking advice None


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